Tips to get back into exercise after a long, cold Melbourne Winter

Tips to get back into exercise after a long, cold Melbourne Winter

Well this Melbourne Winter brought us some pretty cold weather. As many of you would be aware it was also a pretty rotten winter in terms of sniffles, colds, coughs and general feelings of lethargy.

But the good news is that Spring is here next week, and whilst the cold weather may not totally disappear, it’s certainly on the way out. At Urban Workout we understand it can be challenging to continue with regular exercise through the winter, or to get back into it after a small break but you CAN DO IT.

Here are a few tips to get you moving and get your motivation levels up again;

Just turn up or start exercising again – “Success” should be viewed as just getting back into. Don’t put any great expectations on yourself for the first few bouts of exercise. There is plenty of time to build up. To begin with just get the body moving again and you will be on the right track.

Commit for 30 days – Getting back into regular habitual exercise can be tricky to begin with. But once we have been doing something regularly for about 30 days it gets a lot easier to maintain. The great news is that after 30 days you will be feeling better, have more energy and you won’t want to stop.

Focus on how you will feel after exercising – We hear it over and over at Urban Workout that people feel so much better after a workout. Also that they nearly didn’t come in but forced themselves to. Getting to the top of the stairs is quite often more than half the battle.

Exercising is great for stress relief – It makes sense that after winter we feel a bit “under the weather”. Sick kids, busy schedules, rainy and bleak days can all have a negative effect on our mood and stress levels. Getting back into exercise is a proven way to alleviate stress and improve mood.

Try to make exercise “enjoyable” – We know there will be a few chuckles here. But at Urban Workout we firmly believe exercise doesn’t have to be an awful experience that we dread. Be it walking, tennis or having a workout if we try and make it an enjoyable experience we are far more likely to get back into it, and then stick at it.

Be positive and focus on getting back into regular exercise now and in the future, rather than dwelling on what you didn’t do in the past – Just by getting back into regular exercise it’s doing you and your body so much good. So rather than continuing to focus on what you should’ve done in the past, focus on the things you can control and that’s getting back into exercise and being positive.

Happy Spring from Andrew, Royden and Mel at Urban Workout!!

Benefits of group and one on one personal training – Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne.

Personal Training Studios and Gyms can be intimidating places. But they don’t need to be. Urban Workout is for people who are looking for a friendly, encouraging environment in which to get fit Our staff are highly trained, experienced and professional, and work in a modern, safe, well-equipped environment.

This ensures you will be working with highly motivated trainers who genuinely care about you and your well-being . Andrew,Royden and Mel are committed to helping their members become as fit and healthy as they can – without taking life too seriously!

Our fully supervised 40-Minute Total Body Workout held at our Albert Park Studio style gym servicing the areas of Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne cleverly combines strength , cardio , core conditioning back care and stretching. Workouts have a maximum of 8 members to ensure that space is never a problem. Members get individual attention and it also encourages a friendly environment. Our personal trainers make sure that members don’t get bored by changing the workout every month. The workout is perfect for people who :

  • have busy lives with responsibilities to juggle
  • have put on a few kilos over the past few years
  • are finding that the niggles in their body are becoming more frequent
  • have never stuck at exercise long enough to really feel the benefits
  • know they need to get moving but keep putting it off
  • need a routine that is sustainable, flexible and enjoyable
  • are looking to exercise in a safe, effective and motivating environment

All workouts are taken by highly qualified and encouraging personal trainers. We specialise in targeting:

  • Increasing energy
  • Weight loss
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Improving mobility
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Improving posture
  • Pre and post natal fitness
  • Relief on neck, shoulder and back pain

We’re ere to look after you during every workout so you’ll always be doing the right thing at the right time at the right intensity, which means no more under/over training. We can also modify the workout to your individual needs and goals to ensure a safe, effective and invigorating workout.

For those of you seeking 1 on 1 attention aimed at achieving more specific goals, or injury rehabilitation, we have highly experienced and professional trainers that will take you through a 40 minute workout tailored to your goals and individual needs.

You may be working towards just getting started with regular exercise and prefer 1 on 1 guidance. Specific running goals. Sports specific conditioning (adult and adolescent). Pre natal or post natal conditioning. Or recovering from the following:

  • Knee surgery or replacement.
  • Hip surgery or replacement.
  • Lower back strains, disc issues and back surgery.
  • Frozen shoulder or shoulder surgery.

Or, you may simply prefer the guidance, support and motivation of a personal trainer in a 1 on 1 environment. At Urban Workout we pride ourselves on making the workouts about what YOU want to achieve and we take a genuine interest in improving your health, fitness and well being.

Staying active during winter


With Winter well and truly upon us it’s easy to consider hibernation until the weather warms and Spring is upon us. But just because the temperature has dropped it doesn’t mean regular exercise has to with it. Sure it can be a little more challenging but at Urban Workout we have come up with a few ways to keep you motivated, exercising and feeling great through these colder months.

Stay Positive

During Winter it’s very easy to find reasons not to exercise. However we all know how much better we feel after exercising. So focus on a reason to exercise, rather than the excuse not to. Get started and before you know it the session will be done and you will be feeling much better and warmer for it.

Train with friends or family

Once again it’s easy to make the decision not to exercise when it’s cold and it’s the last thing you feel like doing. If the time is booked in with a friend or family member then you can hold each other accountable and make sure it gets done.

Book an active midwinter escape

Whilst not everyone will be able to head to the sun in Europe, 3 or 4 days away in some sun with lots of activities is a great way to recharge the batteries whilst working your way through a cold winter. Get it booked!!!

Exercise straight after work without going home

It’s hard to come home into the warmth and then turn around and head outside into the elements to exercise. So don’t go home in between. Pack your exercise gear and get it done before or after work.

Dress appropriately, rug up and embrace the cold

Winter doesn’t have to mean solitary confinement in your lounge room. Get some warm clothes and head out and embrace it. It might be the snow you enjoy, going for a hike or a bike ride. Make sure you take a safety first approach with the weather of course.

Keep moving to stay healthy and boost immunity

Exercising regularly and eating well over the winter is a great way to boost immunity. So keep in mind that whilst your exercising you’re actually doing yourself a favour and reducing your chances of getting sick.

Urban Workout Personal Training Albert Park, Middle Park & South Melbourne


‘The 40 Minute Total Body Workout’

Urban Workout is located in Albert Park, Melbourne. Providing high quality group and 1 on 1 Personal Training services to the areas of Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne.

Our fully supervised ‘40 Minute Total Body Workout’ cleverly combines strength, cardio, core conditioning, back care & stretching. We cater for a maximum of 8 members at a time so space is never a problem and nor is boredom because ‘The Workout’ changes every month.

All workouts are taken by motivated and friendly, highly qualified and experienced personal trainers targeting;

  • Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Vitality
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Pre and Post Natal

We’re here to look after you during every workout so you’ll always be doing the right thing at the right time at the right intensity, which means no more under/over training. We can also modify the “workout” to your individual needs and goals to ensure a safe, effective and invigorating workout.

Come in a try a FREE guest workout by visiting the website or calling 9690 6060.

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