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Tips to get back into exercise after a long, cold Melbourne Winter

By Abdul Aldakheel , September 4, 2015

Tips to get back into exercise after a long, cold Melbourne Winter

Well this Melbourne Winter brought us some pretty cold weather. As many of you would be aware it was also a pretty rotten winter in terms of sniffles, colds, coughs and general feelings of lethargy.

But the good news is that Spring is here next week, and whilst the cold weather may not totally disappear, it’s certainly on the way out. At Urban Workout we understand it can be challenging to continue with regular exercise through the winter, or to get back into it after a small break but you CAN DO IT.

Here are a few tips to get you moving and get your motivation levels up again;

Just turn up or start exercising again – “Success” should be viewed as just getting back into. Don’t put any great expectations on yourself for the first few bouts of exercise. There is plenty of time to build up. To begin with just get the body moving again and you will be on the right track.

Commit for 30 days – Getting back into regular habitual exercise can be tricky to begin with. But once we have been doing something regularly for about 30 days it gets a lot easier to maintain. The great news is that after 30 days you will be feeling better, have more energy and you won’t want to stop.

Focus on how you will feel after exercising – We hear it over and over at Urban Workout that people feel so much better after a workout. Also that they nearly didn’t come in but forced themselves to. Getting to the top of the stairs is quite often more than half the battle.

Exercising is great for stress relief – It makes sense that after winter we feel a bit “under the weather”. Sick kids, busy schedules, rainy and bleak days can all have a negative effect on our mood and stress levels. Getting back into exercise is a proven way to alleviate stress and improve mood.

Try to make exercise “enjoyable” – We know there will be a few chuckles here. But at Urban Workout we firmly believe exercise doesn’t have to be an awful experience that we dread. Be it walking, tennis or having a workout if we try and make it an enjoyable experience we are far more likely to get back into it, and then stick at it.

Be positive and focus on getting back into regular exercise now and in the future, rather than dwelling on what you didn’t do in the past – Just by getting back into regular exercise it’s doing you and your body so much good. So rather than continuing to focus on what you should’ve done in the past, focus on the things you can control and that’s getting back into exercise and being positive.

Happy Spring from Andrew, Royden and Mel at Urban Workout!!

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