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40 Minute Total Body Workout Pilates Cardio


How is Urban Workout different from other personal training studios or gyms?

Urban Workout conducts Group Personal Training workouts with a maximum of 8 people at once. There are 2 personal trainers who are there to assist, support and motivate you through the 40 minute workout. This happens in a non threatening, relaxed, safe and welcoming environment with personal trainers that are there to help. We provide a total body workout that cleverly combines strength, cardio, core conditioning, back care & stretching into the workout.

I’ve never been to a gym or pesonal trainer before. Does that matter?

Not at all. In fact we have a lot of members that hadn’t worked out prior to starting with us. We adjust the program according to your fitness level and then gradually progress as your fitness improves.

What can I expect from a guest workout?

In a guest workout we will discuss your goals and aims and make the program specific to what you want to achieve. Then one of our experienced and professional staff members will guide you through the program step by step. You won’t be leaving the guest workout completely exhausted, not wanting to return. Our purpose is to introduce you to what we do, and show you how we can help with your goals and individual needs

What do I need to wear or bring along?

Clothes you are comfortable in that allow you to move freely. You don’t need to wear the latest fitness fashions or the latest Nike footwear. Also bring along a drink bottle and a towel.

I am not very fit and haven’t trained for a while. Will that matter?

No, far from it. We are able to adjust the workout to your individual fitness level, whilst working around any injuries or niggles you may have. We will then aim to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as your fitness, strength and conditioning improves.

How long before I start seeing results, and how much weight should I be losing?

Starting a regular exercise program isn’t easy to begin with. For the first couple of weeks your body will be adjusting to the increase in work load and you may feel tired and experience some muscular soreness. We aim to minimize this by progressing the intensity of workouts gradually. After a couple of weeks you will start to experience more energy and you will feel the benefits of regular exercise. For weight loss to be successful it shouldn’t be a rapid process and we prefer to focus on healthy long term habits. Weight loss shouldn’t be exclusively measured by scale weight changes alone as this can be very misleading. Body shape changes can occur prior to significant scale weight loss so a program should be specific to the individual. A reasonable weight loss can be in range of 3-6kg per month.

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